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Am I purchasing through a secure website?

Brad Barrish
posted this on December 15, 2011 10:25

Topspin's purchase experience is and has always been via SSL, the leading standard for securing online transactions. The purchase flow has the SSL icon to denote the purchase is secure.

The reason we can't display an SSL icon in the browser navigation bar is because Topspin integrate's into an artist's site as an iFrame. This allows each artist to maintain consistent branding, however if you right-click and select "frame info," you'll see you're shopping securely.

Topspin submits to regular audits from a card processing authority and we never store or process customers credit card data; instead, we use a partner (GlobalCollect) whose specialty is card security. All credit card data is encrypted and then sent to GlobalCollect.

Most artists also offer "PayPal" as an alternative to credit cards. You may feel more comfortable with this form of payment.

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