How to add multiple items to your cart

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All items ordered in a single transaction will ship together in one package

1. Click the Purchase button for the first product you would like to add to your cart.



2. A purchase window will appear on your screen. Select any variable attributes (size, audio type, color, etc.), if available. Confirm the product has been added to your cart. Note: If you don't select applicable attributes the item will not be added to your cart. Next, you will find Keep Shopping links in the upper-right and lower-left corners of the cart window, which you can click to return to the artist's store.



3. Once you return to the artist's store, a shopping cart will appear in the upper-right corner. This will display the number of products in your cart. Click the Buy button for another product to add to the cart.



4. Once you select any variable attributes, your shopping cart will show the total number of items in the cart. This process can be repeated until everything you're looking to purchase in a transaction is added to the cart. Click Checkout to begin the checkout process.



You can find more step-by-step instructions about how to purchase here.

Please note that it is not possible to order multiple items in a single transaction from a mobile device or tablet. 

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