Can I purchase on an iPhone?

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It is possible to place an order while on a mobile device. Please note: if you would like to order multiple items in a single transaction, you must place your order on a computer. You will find instructions on how to order multiple items here.


Below you will find step-by-step instructions on how to place an order on an iPhone.


1. Click on the Buy button to add the product to your cart.




2. A new window will open in your browser and display your cart.




3. If there's digital audio included in your purchase, select your preferred format. Press Done once you've made your selection. You will then automatically move onto additional attributes (color, size, etc.), if included in your purchase.




4. If there are additional attributes, select each option and then click Done to proceed.




5. Once you've chosen all selections, you will find a Continue button at the bottom right of your screen. Click Continue to view your cart, and proceed to checkout.




6. On the checkout screen, you can adjust all attributes of your order. Ensure everything is correct and then click Checkout to begin the checkout process.




7. You will be prompted to enter your email address. Please be sure the address is valid, as this is where your "live" receipt will be sent once the order has successfully processed. Click Continue to move to the next screen.




8. Enter your shipping address.  At the bottom of the screen, click Continue to proceed.



 9. Select your payment method, then press Done to enter billing information.




10. Enter your billing address. Ensure this information is correct, as our payment processor is extremely sensitive to inconsistencies. If billing information is entered incorrectly, our system will flag your purchase as fraud and the transaction will not complete.




11. Next, is the final checkout screen. If there is a button to confirm your shipping, you must click it to proceed. If you need to edit billing or shipping info, click the (edit) links in each field. The total amount displayed is the amount you will be charged.




12. Once you've "confirmed shipping", you will be prompted to enter a credit card number. If you need to change your payment method, click the (edit) link beside the card type. Once you confirm the information is correct, click Continue to submit your purchase.



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