How to purchase a product

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Adding an item to your cart and proceeding to checkout

1. Click on the Purchase button.



2. The checkout window will automatically appear on your screen. Select any variable attributes (size, audio type, color) if available, and then proceed to your cart. This window will display your purchase so make sure you double check the product(s) and quantity are correct before Checkout.



3. Enter your email address for a receipt. This is where your "live" receipt will be sent once your order has been processed. If you order as a gift, make sure to check the box and enter your recipient's email address accordingly. Find complete instructions about how to order as a gift here.

Click Continue to proceed to the next step. 



4. Enter your shipping address. This is where all merchandise will be sent. Please double check your address is correct (including postal code). Changes cannot be made once your order has processed. Click Continue to move on to billing information.



5. Select payment method from the drop-down menu.



6. Once you select a payment method, enter your billing information. Please be sure the information you enter is correct-- our payment processor is extremely sensitive to inconsistencies. If you enter incorrect billing information, your purchase attempt will be flagged as fraudulent and your order will not successfully process. Click Continue to proceed.



7. This is the order confirmation screen where you can review billing and shipping information. If you need to make changes, press the (edit) links to return to that page. Select your preferred shipping method. If you do not see a drop-down menu, there is only one available shipping method and the cost has already been calculated below your subtotal.



8. Click the Confirm Shipping button to verify your address. If you encounter any errors in this process, be sure you have entered your address correctly. You will automatically proceed to the final checkout screen. 



9. Enter your credit card information, then click Continue once to submit your purchase. Please only click Continue once, as multiple attempts may result in multiple orders.



You will receive a "live" receipt at the email address provided in step 3. Payment will be processed immediately and your receipt will be sent within minutes of submitting. Please refer to your receipt for the most current status of your order including tracking information, once available. Your receipt will also provide details on who will fulfill your order, in case you have questions.

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