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Placing an order as a gift and sending a gift receipt

It is possible to order a product as a gift. If you order physical merchandise, the product will be shipped to the address of the recipient. A gift receipt will be created which doesn't display billing information. The gift receipt, sent directly to your recipient, will display the current status of their pending shipment, as well as download links for any digital media included in the purchase.

1. Click on the Buy button for the item you would like to purchase. The checkout window will appear on your screen. Click Checkout to proceed.


2. Check the box next to This is a gift. This will reveal additional fields to enter your recipient's information. Click Continue to move to the next screen.

Email Address: This is where your purchase receipt will be sent.

Recipient's email: This is where the gift receipt will be sent. Be sure your recipient's email is entered correctly. This cannot be changed afterwards. The gift receipt will display shipping information for any physical merchandise included without the price paid. If digital media is purchased, your recipient can download files from the gift receipt.

Your message: You may add a special message to your recipient which will be displayed at the top of their gift receipt.

Send Gift Reciept to Recipient: Be sure this box is checked so your recipient receives their gift receipt.



3. Enter the shipping address of your recipient. This is where physical merchandise will be sent.


4. Select payment method from the drop-down menu.



5. Enter your billing information. Be sure the information you enter is correct. Our payment processor is extremely sensitive to inconsistencies. If you enter incorrect billing information, your purchase will be flagged as fraudulent and the order will not be processed successfully. 



6. This is the final confirmation screen where you can review billing and shipping information. If you need to make changes, press the (edit) links to return to that page. Select a preferred shipping method if there are multiple options available. Click the Confirm Shipping link.



7. Enter credit card information and then click Continue to submit purchase. Only click Continue once. Multiple clicks may result in more than one order being placed.



Your purchase receipt will be sent to the address entered at checkout within minutes of submitting payment. The "gift receipt" will also be sent to your recipient immediately. Both the purchase and gift receipt will display the most current status of any physical merchandise, including tracking information, once available.

Digital downloads are only available from the gift receipt and will show as inactive links on the purchase receipt. If your recipient experiences any trouble with the download, please have them check out our FAQs on Downloads here.

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