How long will shipping take?

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Your receipt displays the most current status of your order

Generally, orders are shipped for delivery within 3 business days of purchase. You can find the current status of the order on the bottom of your receipt. If you purchased a "pre-order", you will find its scheduled ship date on the receipt. Shipping statuses include:

Acknowledged - Your order has been recognized, but not yet processed for shipment.

Pending - Your order is currently being processed and will ship very shortly.

Shipped - Your order has been fully processed and shipped. You will also find the date shipped, as well as tracking information, if available. 



Transit Time

Shipping time varies and depends on the carrier the fulfiller has chosen. Other factors that affect transit include shipping distance and method of delivery. Once marked "Shipped", your live receipt will reflect tracking information, if available. Based on the fulfillment company on your receipt, allow one of the following transit times:

Topspin Fulfillment US 

Orders shipped to addresses inside the continental United States should arrive within 5-10 business days.

Orders shipped to addresses outside of the United States should arrive within 10-28 business days.*

Topspin Fulfillment UK 

Orders shipped to addresses inside the United Kingdom should arrive within 7-14 business days.

Orders shipped to addresses in Europe should arrive within 21 business days.*

Orders shipping to addresses elsewhere are expected to arrive within 28 business days.*

All other fulfillers...

Please contact the party fulfilling your order using the direct link on your receipt. They can provide more accurate information on expected transit times.

* Note: A substantial transit time is expected for international orders because they must ship and then process through customs. If you do not receive your package by the times listed above, please be sure and check with your local sorting office to ensure they're not holding the package or that it's not being held in customs.

If you have questions about the shipment of your merchandise, you will find a link to contact the fulfiller directly, on your live receipt.

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