How do I contact Topspin Fulfillment?

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Orders usually ship within 72 hours


Orders handled by Topspin Fulfillment US generally ship within 3 business days of your transaction if the items purchased are in stock and as long as you have not purchased a "pre-order".


Pre-order ship dates can be found at the bottom of your receipt


If you have purchased a pre-order, your order will ship on or around the official release, which will be noted at the bottom of your receipt. You can also find the most current status of your order at the bottom of the receipt, as well as its expected ship date. Your shipping status will reflect one of the following:

Acknowledged - Your order has been recognized but not yet processed for shipment.

Pending - Your order is currently being processed and will ship out very shortly.

Shipped - Your order has been fully processed and sent for delivery. You will find the date your order was sent, as well as tracking information, if available.


Contacting Topspin Fulfillment


If your order has not been marked "shipped" within 3 business days and you would like to inquire about its status, please "Submit a Ticket" with your order number here:

We'll be able to make sure the item you purchased is in stock and confirm the status of your order.

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