What will it cost to ship my order?

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Check exact shipping rates in your shopping cart

The best way to check the shipping rate to your region is to attempt a purchase. On the final screen, before you enter a credit card number, you'll see the shipping rate for your transaction.

1. Once you enter shipping and billing information, the "Confirm Shipping" page will appear. Here you can view the shipping rate for your order. You can also select the shipping method, if there are multiple options available. If you want to complete your purchase, click "Confirm Shipping" to continue.


2. Once you confirm shipping, you will be prompted to enter a credit card number. Please ensure all entered information is correct and then select "Continue" to submit your purchase.




Shipping rates are determined by the fulfillment company handling your order

The cost of shipping each order to various regions of the world is determined by the fulfiller handling physical merchandise for the artist. If you have questions about the shipment of your merchandise, there's a direct link to the fulfiller on your live receipt. More information about who the fulfiller of your order is can be found here.

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