Can you ship my will-call tickets?

Topspin Platform Artist Support -

Will call tickets are available for pick up at the venue

The ticket option provided at checkout is the only ticket type available for this artist's pre-sale. Some venues require pre-sale tickets be "will-call" only. This means physical tickets are not available.

Fan pre-sale tickets may be different than tickets sold through the public "on sale"

The pre-sale tickets you purchase may be in a different format than those sold through to the public. Don't worry if your buddy (who purchased later) has a different ticket. If you purchased through Topspin, you purchased directly from the artist's pre-sale and have supported them more directly.

The artist's team will send in the final "will call" list prior to the show so you can pick up tickets at the venue, the day of the event. Tickets are held in the name of the ticket holder listed on the receipt. Please make sure to bring a copy of your receipt, along with a government-issued photo ID to collect tickets.

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